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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom - Crystallized Charges: Where to Get More

One of the wackiest parts within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are the Zonai Devices. These include Flame Emitters, Fans, Wheels, Balloons, and even Rockets. Of course, to use most of these players need a power source. This is given to you as part of the Great Sky Island tutorial in the form of an Energy Cell. As you might discover, however, the amount of charge your Energy Cell can hold isn’t an enormous amount. If you want to expand your Energy Cell, you’ll need to get your hands on Crystallized Charges. A lot of Crystallized Charges.

Deep in a cave on the southern portion of the Great Sky Island, you can meet a friendly Forge Construct (coordinates 0468, -1683, 1371). This robotic feller will sell you a few Crystallized Charges in exchange for Zonaite. This mineral, like many others, can be found from smacking open large chunks of ore, but Zonaite is a bit different. In the same room as this Forge Construct, you can see that Zonaite ore is a bit more porous with hues of green and orange inside it. This ore isn’t found on the surface of Hyrule, unfortunately, but it can be found in much larger quantities down in the Depths. In fact, there’s so much Zonaite in the Depths that defeated enemies will often drop it too!

This surplus of Zonaite down below is definitely a good thing, as you’ll need a whopping 100 Crystallized Charges just to increase your Energy Cell once. Fortunately, Crystallized Charges can be dropped by baddies in the Depths or purchased from additional Forge Constructs also located in the Depths at locations such as the Great Abandoned Central Mine (coordinates -0821, -1940, -0523). Of course, progress will go even quicker for you if you purchase or happen upon Large Crystallized Charges which are equal to 20 normal Crystallized Charges.

The quickest way to gather these valuable nuggets of energy is to gather enough Zonai and clean out the stock for every Forge Construct you can find. If braving the Depths to find additional stores sounds a bit too daunting for you, however, you can simply wait a few in-game days away next to a fire and all the stores will eventually replenish their supplies.

Once you’ve amassed at least 100 Crystallized Charges, you’ll want to visit a Crystal Refinery. Luckily, there are two that you find early on and they’re easy to get to. One is located up on the Great Sky Island conveniently located right next to the Nachoyah Shrine (coordinates 0388, -1660, 2299). The other is right outside the southern wall of Lookout Landing (coordinates -0216, 0198, 0031). At either of these locations, you’ll find a helpful Steward Construct that will exchange your 100 Crystallized Charges for a blip of additional Energy Cell power. There’s no Crystallized Charges for sale at Crystal Refineries, unfortunately, but doing a bit of Zonaite mining, exchanging them for Crystallized Charges, and fast traveling to a Crystal Refinery should help you pass the time while those Forge Constructs restock their shelves.

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