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Patch Notes for September 7th, 2023

ReedPop and E3 break up, but who gets custody of the kids?

... and other video game news from around the internet.

ReedPop parts ways with E3, leaving uncertain futures

E3 has had a rocky past few years and the road ahead doesn’t look any clearer.   Read More...

SAG-AFTRA takes aim at prominent video game corporations and readies the trigger

The vote to see if video game voice actors join the strike is coming late September.  Read More...

New possible details about a Switch 2 come from a prominent leaker

It’s not a ton of information, but it paints an interesting picture about the Switch 2 if it’s true.  Read More...

Sony acquires award-winning gaming audio tech company Audeze

It seems that the PlayStation Pulse Elite and Explore were just the tip of the iceberg.  Read More...

Epic Games Store gives developers 100% of revenue in exchange for 6 months of exclusivity

Epic Games Store could be getting a huge influx of new games in the near future.  Read More...

New Reviews on GameCrate!

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre could have been named "Escape From a Texas Basement Simulator" 

Read the Review

Starfield boldly goes where a few games have gone before

Read the Review

Rune Factory 3 Special feels unnecessary but provides plenty of fantasy farming fun 

Read the Review

Blasphemous II is an artistic cocktail of pleasure with a dash of pain 

Read the Review

More News from GameCrate!

Bethesda is still making an Indiana Jones game, reveal set for 2024

Read more

Xbox September Update includes Discord streaming and voice reporting

Read more

Rugrats is getting a new NES and modern console game in 2024

Read more

And it’s gone: Limited Edition Analogue Pocket Glow in the Dark releases

Read more

How much does PlayStation Plus cost?

Read more

Red Nintendo Switch OLED announced during Direct

Read more

Watch the recent Super Mario Wonder Nintendo Direct

Read more

Microsoft quietly ends $1 Game Pass pricing before Starfield releases

Read more

Project Q is now named PlayStation Portal, priced at $200

Read more

Sony announces PlayStation Pulse Elite headset and Explore earbuds

Read more

This Week on The Gamer Lounge:


(The Gamer Lounge With XBOX Series X)

The Gamer Lounge played Starfield! They go through the first hour of the game, with the player that can achieve the most during the playthrough is this week's winner. 

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