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Palia Open Beta gets an update, including new quests and pets

Open Beta for Palia went live last week and Patch 0.166 keeps the ball rolling.

Image: Singularity Six / Palia
Image: Singularity Six / Palia

This past week, Singularity Six dropped the Open Beta for their upcoming game, Palia. Palia is a delightful MMO cozy game that lets players build their home and farm on a plot of land and then go out and adventure.

Anyone familiar with games such as Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley, or the like definitely should give this free game a try. But, as it is, it’s still a little rough around the edges due to it being an Open Beta.

The good news, however, is that they’re actively patching the game. Less than a week after launch, we’re seeing “Patch 0.166”, which brings some great new additions to the game.

The list is pretty long and can be found on their official blog. But, a quick list includes new quests and found items to discover, adjustments to EXP rates, additions to Zeki’s Wondrous Machine and the Premium Store, and (finally) pets.

The important thing is that the game is going to constantly get quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes. One qualm that they’re working on is the user interface for housing, for instance, which is getting some new functions like rotating the camera. Sometimes, it’s the small things that matter.

Additionally, they’re adding more story quests with this update, with the “The Acceptance Ceremony” quest. Plus, they added “Found Item” quests to the list.

As this is a freemium game, they’re offering pets for players that will follow you around as you traverse and farm. Of course, they started with a feline, the Palcat.

Palcats come in four colors to start off, which are Sandy (tan/orange), Nocturnal (black/gray), Island (teal/gray), and Snowy (gray/light gray). You can get them by visiting the shop.

The Sandy Palcat is available as a stand-alone purchase. But, the other three come with purchasing 3000 Palia Coins, the game’s premium currency. You get all three automatically once you buy the prerequisite amount.

For those that already grabbed some Palia Coins, the purchases are retroactively giving you your Palcats.

We will be paying close attention to the growth of Palia as it eventually heads towards a full launch. We don’t have an exact date as of yet, but it’s coming to the Nintendo Switch this Holiday 2023 and will likely be a more full launch then.

Join their open beta for free right now on PC on Palia’s website.

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