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Game over, man: Alien’s Xenomorph is coming to Dead By Daylight

The Nostromo is also a new map for Dead By Daylight.

A new teaser trailer for Dead By Daylight hit the internet this week. It appears that the Alien from, well, Alien, is coming to the game next.

The Xenomorph (as they’re generally called outside of video games) briefly appears in the teaser. Prior to that, it shows off the infamous Nostromo ship from the first Alien movie.

At the end of the trailer, the Alien screams and jump-scares at the screen. There could be a more stealthy aspect to this villain when it releases.

Most villains, controlled by other players, wander around and hunt down the protagonists. But, they’re generally out and about, easy to find if you’re looking.

Villains that have shown up in Dead By Daylight include Ghost Face, Michael Myers, and Leatherface. They’re all about showiness and being in your face, sometimes with a chainsaw. Freddy Krueger, on the other hand, added mechanics like the dream world, to change how you played.

The Alien movie had a sense of the unknown that came with it. The dread of knowing something was there that you can’t see easily became a hard-to-miss motif throughout the early movies.

Dead by Daylight Alien
Image: Dead by Daylight Alien

Dead By Daylight could take this approach. But, the teaser doesn’t spoil anything about gameplay or additional details.

The most recent DLC for Dead by Daylight was Nicolas Cage. Not a character he’s played in the past. Just Nic himself. If there’s any currently available DLC to buy, it’s obviously Nic Cage.

As this will be the 34th DLC for Dead By Daylight, the crossovers get pretty wild. Nowadays, you can play as Ash Williams from the Evil Dead films, team up with Bill from Left 4 Dead and Jill Valentine from Resident Evil to face off against the Demogorgon from Stranger Things.

Basically, Dead by Daylight is the Super Smash Bros Ultimate of horror. Everyone is here.

The Alien DLC for Dead By Daylight doesn’t currently have a release date. But, based on the previous DLC released, expect it pretty soon.

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