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Backward compatible Nintendo Switch successor might be coming soon

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

Reports suggest that the next Nintendo Switch could be in the second half of 2024

A very real mock-up of the Nintendo Switch 2 that we didn't make ourselves.
Every time there is a new Nintendo Switch 2 rumor, we add stickers.

This past week, we reported on a known Nintendo partner that is making chips for a new video game console in 2024. We just didn’t have clarification if the chips were actually for a Nintendo product or not.

I mean, we all knew that Nintendo was obviously going to work on their next generation of consoles at some point. Considering that the Nintendo Switch is now 6 years old (no, seriously, stop it), it’s about time for a new lineup with more features and power.

VGC has the scoop this time, having multiple resources to confirm. The Nintendo Switch successor is definitely probably allegedly coming during the second half of 2024, according to the rumor. Eurogamer confirms this rumor lines up with their own findings as well.

According to the sources, developer kits for the upcoming console have been sent out to multiple partners and developers.

As far as what’s reported, the new console will have similar flavors to the current Nintendo Switch. It’ll be portable, have an LCD screen, and run cartridges.

It’s currently unclear if the cartridge slot will be backward compatible with the current Switch. However, it’s highly likely.

Prior to the complete change-over back to cartridges this past generation, backward compatibility was pretty common in Nintendo consoles during the 2000s. The Wii U was compatible with Wii games and Wii consoles could play GameCube games.

Additionally, back in June, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa spoke about the eventual transition that consumers will have to deal with. He said he wanted to ease that move “smoothly”.

It was in relation to Nintendo accounts. Prior consoles all had different accounts that connected to each other. Nintendo seems to be looking to unify everything going forward, just like its competitors at Microsoft and Sony.

Not only is the Switch 2 clearly on their mind, but also how the future console could handle older transactions. Your account is used for your avatar and details, obviously but also for your digital store purchases. If you bought a game digitally, it shows up. This “smooth transition” mentioned by Furukawa could be alluding that Switch games may work on its successor.

Take everything, obviously, with a grain of salt until there is any official confirmation.

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