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Light No Fire: From the creators of No Man’s Sky, we have a true open-world game

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Hello Games is pushing the boundaries on the idea of an open-world game.

Image: Hello Games
Image: Hello Games

During The Game Awards, we were shown a reel of all of the installments to No Man’s Sky, highlighting the achievements of the game and its decade of achievements. But, we weren’t just strolling down memory lane, from the creators of No Man’s Sky, we’re seeing a new game on the horizon. Light No Fire is pushing the envelope on what we know to be open-world. All set on the same planet, there’s no mountain you can’t climb and no ocean you can’t dive into. No terrain is off limits and you’re not going it alone. You’ll be able to explore with friends and strangers alike in a multi-mass online experience.

As the trailer boasts: “A multiplayer Earth. A procedural Earth. A fantasy Earth. An unexplored Earth.” While the trailer didn’t give us much information about the details of the coming game, we were treated to stunning visuals and what looked to be an extremely lush playing experience. Getting personal for a moment, I’m a huge fan of the open-world aspect and while I liked the idea of No Man’s Sky, I didn’t feel it was executed in a way that would hook me. However, Light No Fire has… well, lit a fire in my interest for Hello Game’s newest creation. I expect to be fully lost without any hope of finding my way back within the first hour. To quote the late, great Douglas Adams, “You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is”. But if you have friends to get lost with, then I suppose it won’t matter the destination. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any information on when the game will be dropping. If you want to keep tabs on this development, you can follow Hello Games over on X or visit their website and be the first to know when new information comes out.

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