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The Den of Wolves Teaser Made My Brain Hurt

The Den of Wolves website didn’t help my brain either.

Image: 10 Chambers
Image: 10 Chambers

During The Game Awards, we were treated to a weird trailer that showed off a heist-man getting tortured for info from a CEO-type guy. Then, after seeing some fast-paced shooting and infiltration, the scene shifted to show that the guy getting tortured was in the CEO guy’s head.

The trailer certainly made me go “Huh?” but at the same time, what little concept info we have on Den of Wolves looks cool. Billed as a co-op heist FPS from the creator of Payday: The Heist and Payday 2, it is set in a techno-thriller future. The goal is to execute corporate espionage, sabotage, and assassinations. After the last Payday release, I could certainly dig my teeth into a meaty heist experience. I’m down for it!

The actual press release info seems to shed more light on what we can expect. Den of Wolves will take place in Midway City. You and your futuristic, mind-bending criminal posse will work within the city’s cutthroat black market. As your team takes care of the dirty work for your clients, you will blur the lines of reality while doing what is needed to make the cash flow.

The gameplay will be shifting between stealth and infiltration to explosive and bloody shootouts on the fly. You’ll find yourself against augmented trans-human mercs and robotic mechanoids that will stop at nothing to keep you from your quarry. Fortunately, it also sounds like you’ll have all sorts of nifty hi-tech gadgets, weaponry, and an elite-trained team on your side to even the odds and fatten your wallets.

If you want to dig around on the site itself and see what sort of secrets and goodies, feel free to take a look! There isn’t any specific launch info for Den of Wolves, but you shouldn’t expect anything until at least 2025.

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