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Established leaker appears to tease F-ZERO, Donkey Kong, and Peach for next Nintendo Direct

Everyone stay calm, but there’s a small chance that F-ZERO could be making a return.

Image: New Line Cinema / So, you're telling me there's a chance.
Image: New Line Cinema / "So, you're telling me there's a chance."

According to a leaker who has a pretty good track record, we’re not only getting our usual September Nintendo Direct this month, but we may possibly be getting some news about F-ZERO, among other things.

The leaker, Pyoro, correctly predicted Super Mario Wonder before it was announced back in June. Now, they’re going for a hat trick with a hint with today’s X / Twitter posts.

Of course, anything not officially confirmed is just a rumor. So, this could all be wildly incorrect. But, while we are here, let’s break it all down.

The first post was treated more like a riddle for others to figure out, as many leakers tend to do: “Let’s just say fans of a certain MATLAB function will be happy with the upcoming Direct”.

Relatively quickly, fans on social media and forums like ResetEra started to figure out what that meant. MATLAB is for “programming and numeric computing”, according to their website.

Fans were quick to look through the functions in MATLAB is realize one is literally named “fzero”. Nothing else even remotely comes close to being so directly stated.

This would mean that Nintendo is bringing back F-ZERO, a beloved franchise that hasn’t seen a new game in 19 years. Fans have been asking for a new F-ZERO for years and it’s always fallen on deaf ears at Nintendo.

But wait, there’s more. Not long after the initial leaks, Pyoro kept the Nintendo Direct leak train rolling.

Another tease was a GIF of Donkey Kong rolling into battle during a scene from the New Super Mario Bros. Movie. While many speculate that this could be a new Donkey Country Game, it could be teasing something else related to DK.

There’s a possibility that it could be teasing a Donkey Kong spin-off movie from this year’s Illumination hit. But, one thing that people aren’t really talking about in Pyoro’s comments is that Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios has a Donkey Kong section being built as well. It could be a number of things, honestly.

Additionally, in an offhanded comment, someone asked Pyoro if we were going to see anything about the upcoming Princess Peach game and they simply said “yep”. This is honestly to be expected as we don’t even have a name or any details about the game other than the brief teaser back in June during that Nintendo Direct.

We don’t have a date for this year’s September Nintendo Direct. But, if history serves well, we know it’s coming soon.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how it pans out and if Pyoro’s predictions are correct. Until then, as always, take it all with the tiniest grain of salt.

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