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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom - Where to Find the Fierce Deity Armor Set

Longtime Legend of Zelda fans will undoubtedly recognize the Fierce Deity armor. Originally from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask as a weapon that was only usable during boss fights, the Fierce Deity armor set made its first reappearance in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as a DLC item. Now, however, it’s part of the base game in Tears of the Kingdom. Like most armor sets in the game, the Fierce Deity is split into headwear, a chest piece, and some leggings. Unlike most armor sets, however, this one has its own side quest!

To get the quest started, you’ll have to venture northeast to Eldin Canyon around coordinates 2503, 1319, 0150. Here, you’ll encounter some treasure hunting brothers that will express their frustration at trying to find a treasure in the cave behind them. The issue being that the cave is filled with treasure chests and only one has the true treasure. To find the correct chest, you should offer the dog nearby the cave entrance a few treats. This can be raw meat, cooked meat, or even apples. Once he’s had his fill, the pup will lead you inside to the correct chest and voila! The Ember Trousers will be yours! Wait, what?

These aren’t what you’re after, of course, but after claiming these (useful) pants you’ll be able to read a cryptic message left behind by Misko: the man that hid the Fierce Deity outfit. Thus, the quest Misko’s Treasure: The Fierce Deity will begin. The piece closest to you at this point will be the Fierce Deity Armor. Heading north to 3281, 1494, 0414, you’ll have to get creative in climbing to the tippity-top of the Akkala Citadel Ruins. Once there, a small hole can be found in the southwest corner of the ruins. Crawl through, and boom! The first piece of the outfit is yours!

Next is the Fierce Deity Mask, and it’s a bit tougher. Located in the right eye of the skull-shaped lake at coordinates 3337, 3453, 0342, this piece is being guarded by plenty of skeletal bokoblins and an enormous Stalnox. Should you prevail through this mini-boss, however, the mask can be nabbed simply by crawling up the large mound in the room and opening the chest on top. Two down!

For the Fierce Deity Boots, you’ll want to head all the way back down to Hyrule Field. Off in the west near coordinates -1034, -0499, 0083, you’ll see a massive tree stump in the middle of a lake. You guessed it — time to go spelunking once more. Once you reach the bottom, there are a few different openings to explore. The one you’ll want is to the south. Pass through and you’ll notice you have to do quite a bit of climbing straight up. There are plenty of areas to stop and refill your stamina, however, and once you’ve reached the top the final piece of the Fierce Deity armor set will be yours! For an extra and mysterious reward, you can revisit the cave where you started your quest while wearing the Fierce Deity armor.

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