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The Legend of Zelda is finally getting a movie, for real this time

Nintendo Japan made the announcement that The Legend of Zelda is coming to live action.

Image: Nintendo
Image: Nintendo

It’s happening! Nintendo’s official Japanese corporate site has some breaking news about The Legend of Zelda. We’re finally getting a live action adaptation of the classic fantasy game.

With the success of the Super Mario Bros. Movie, it was a matter of time before Nintendo started considering what else out of its catalogue could make a lot of sweet Hollywood money. As many out there suspected, The Legend of Zelda is next on the list.

Not a ton of information is available just yet, but they confirmed that development has started. The film will be produced by both Nintendo and Arad Productions Inc.

Arad Productions Inc. often works with both Marvel and Sony films. It was formed by Avi Arad, who used to be the Chief Creative Officer for Marvel Entertainment and was the Chairman/CEO of Marvel Studios at one point. If you’re a fan of any Spider-Man movie, you’ve likely enjoyed Arad’s work.

Wes Ball is set to direct The Legend of Zelda. Ball doesn’t currently have a huge portfolio under his belt. But, he directed all three The Maze Runner films and is currently set to direct both the live-action adaptation of the Mouse Guard book and Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes. So, he’s got some credentials for adaptations.

The Mario maker himself, Shigeru Miyamoto, will co-produce the movie, alongside Arad. Sony Pictures Entertainment will handle the worldwide distribution.

No word yet on details like story, actors, or anything else. But, as this is in the very first steps of production, we likely won’t hear anything anytime soon. Though, I wonder who Chris Pratt will play in it. My money’s on Ganondorf.

At this point, any of Nintendo’s properties could eventually make their way to the silver screen. Our picks, once Zelda debuts, would include Metroid, Animal Crossing, and Kirby.

But, who are we kidding? We’ll probably get Pikmin first, if Miyamoto-San has his way.

If you haven’t yet completed The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, check out our guides section to get that going.

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