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Telltale adds Erica developer Flavourworks to their arsenal

I feel like I have to make a “We will remember that” joke here.

Erica from Flavourworks
Image: Telltale / Flavourworks

Telltale Games, the company that made such hits as The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us, has had a bit of a turbulent history over the years. However, that company and its assets were all purchased back in 2018 by a new company looking to continue its legacy.

LCG Entertainment, Inc, known better as Telltale Games now, is full steam ahead with its business dealings. Today, they announced a new acquisition, Flavourworks.

Flavourworks is probably best known for their game Erica, an interactive thriller on PC, PlayStation, and iOS. The game mixes live-action acting with interactive choices that affect the story as it unravels.

While it may seem like something Netflix already did with Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, it’s the technology that powers it all that is most important to Telltale.

TouchVideo is a tech created and developed by Flavourworks, which allows you to reach out and touch the answers to questions on the screen. Seeing as Telltale games tend to be all about choices, this acquisition is a pairing made for each other.

Jamie Ottilie is the CEO at the new Telltale Games and spoke more in-depth about the TouchVideo tech and what that could mean for their company going forward.

“Fans today want to interact with their favorite IPs more deeply, and interactive narratives are a really immersive way to do that,” said Ottilie. “At the same time, people want to access their games from wherever they are, regardless of device or platform.

"Flavourworks’ technology and interactive video expertise will enable us to efficiently create story-based games and reach more people through streaming and new platforms. We’re excited about what it could mean for our portfolio of games.”

Telltale recently dropped the episodic The Expanse: A Telltale Series, the first game to come out of the new Telltale. They’re also known to be working on the long-anticipated The Wolf Among Us 2, now coming in 2024 instead of its original 2023 promise.

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