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Spyro blazes into Crash Team Rumble this December

The Game Awards official X account announced Spyro and Elora this week.

Image: Crash Team Rumble / Toys for Bob / Activision
Image: Crash Team Rumble / Toys for Bob / Activision

Spyro, everyone’s favorite original PlayStation-era dragon, is back. This time, he’s joining up with Crash Bandicoot in the party multiplayer game, Crash Team Rumble. And he isn’t alone!

While rumors and leaks have surfaced since the game launched for both Spyro and his friend Elora, the official The Game Awards X account dropped a teaser for the upcoming Season 3, All Fired Up.

The teaser shows off Crash Bandicoot leading three others out of a portal that feels right out of the Spyro the Dragon games. Following him are Spyro, Elora, and Ripto.

Ripto, Spyro’s nemesis, had already been introduced to Crash Team Rumble back in September’s Season 2, where he helped support the Booster role. But, Spyro was nowhere to be found. While leaks have likely gone into detail on Spyro and Elora’s roles and movesets, nothing has been confirmed just yet.

Elora, a character that played a more prominent role in Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage, also shows up in the teaser image. She’s a faun from Avalar who gives Spyro hints during the game and gives him the Guidebook, an important item in the game.

One additional detail in the The Game Awards teaser for Crash Team Rumble is the use of a lot of gems. Gems, especially in this style, are collectibles in the Spyro games.

While a lot of gems are seen in the Toys For Bob Labs modes of the game, they tend to be pads to walk on and not actual gems you can hold. This could be a tease for a new Spyro-inspired game mode going into Season 3.

Spyro and Elora land with Season 3 on December 7th, the same day as The Game Awards 2023. You can pick up the game, if you don't already have it, here.

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