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Five (Or More) Really Cool Retro Cases For Your Raspberry Pi In 2023

It’s 2023 and we still love tinkering with our Raspberry Pi. How can we protect it and be stylish?

Arthur Collins

May 31, 2023

The great part about gaming is the long, vast history that comes with it. Many games are derivative of their predecessors. Everything builds on something that came prior. It’s no different for other forms of technology that are adjacent to gaming. The Raspberry Pi is a neat little device that can be nearly anything you want. In fact, if you want it to be an old school game system, you can.

There are a lot of models of the Raspberry Pi since its inception in 2012. One thing that many people do with their systems is making them into retro gaming rigs that can play classic video games. Most people utilize RetroPi software for this. 

With that said, we scoured the internet to find some of the cooler retro looking cases for different Raspberry Pi. Let’s take a look at some of our favorites.

Nintendo Entertainment System for the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ and 4 Model B

The Nintendo Entertainment System, or NES for short, is as iconic as it gets when it comes to classic gaming. It’s the system that saved video games in the 1980s. It’s Mario, Zelda, and many other iconic games that have endured over the years. It’s some of the best, some of the most frustrating games to ever hit a screen.

If you’re looking for a good NES case for your Pi, we’ve got you. We found two great options, depending on your model of Raspberry Pi.

If you’re looking for a case for the Raspberry Pi 3 B+, you should check out this system. It comes complete with everything you need to put your Raspberry Pi in and get going. You can pick it up for $29.01.

Don’t worry, there is another one for the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B. It’s a bit pricer at $44.48. Both are by GeeekPi and both cases come with everything from heatsinks to the screwdriver to build the case.

Super Nintendo for the Pi 3 B+ and 4

Maybe you want to rock something slightly more 90s for your Nintendo fandom. The Super Nintendo is right up your alley. While the NES is known for being iconic, the 16 bit era is where gaming started to really take shape, with more pixels, more colors, and better sounds.

Coming also from GeeekPi, this Raspberry Pi 3 B+ case offers all the same fix-ins as the NES option. But, it does one better. There’s a SNES cartridge that comes with the package. It’s removable and is actually an SD card holder that plugs right into the case for easy storage! You can pick this case up for $35.28.

Maybe you prefer something a little more of the Japanese aesthetic. The Super Famicom is the name given to the Japanese Super Nintendo. RETROFLAG offers a great Raspberry Pi 4 model that comes with heatsinks as well. Yes, it also includes a removable Super Famicom cartridge that holds SD cards too. You can pick it up for $45.99.

SEGA Genesis for the Pi 2B, 3B, 3B+, and 4B

The SEGA Genesis was infamously the biggest competitor to the Super Nintendo. Introducing Sonic the Hedgehog and amazing graphics for its time, SEGA was at the top of its game. Sega, as the saying goes, did what Nintendon’t.

This case is a bit of a double whammy. Not only is it based on a SEGA Genesis, it’s also made with buildable bricks. It’s not quite Lego, but for only $32.99, this Genesis Brick case can house Raspberry Pi 2B, 3B, 3B+, and the new 4B boards. That’s a great price for versatility and a fun buildable project.

The only downside is that it doesn’t include anything additional. You get the 336 bricks for building the case and that’s it. But, it’s cool looking nonetheless!

Sony PlayStation for the Pi 4

Let’s move a little closer to the mid-90s. The Sony PlayStation was the king of disc-based gaming. The power and storage capabilities that came with it offered something that nothing prior had before. Everything from Final Fantasy to Spyro the Dragon to Resident Evil made its way to the PlayStation.

The RETROFLAG PiStation offers everything you need to make a tiny classic PlayStation, aside from the Pi itself. Built specifically for the Raspberry Pi 4, the PiStation has slots for every port you could need access to without having to open it up. This one will set you back $54.99, but perfection is never free.

Atari 2600 for the Raspberry Pi 4

Let’s go back to even before the NES. The Atari 2600 has been the godfather of gaming since the 1970s. It may not be the first gaming console ever, but it’s one of the most memorable and nostalgic.

If you’re reading this article, you’re likely familiar with RetroPi already. But, it’s a special software that allows you to turn your Pi into a retro gaming machine. While any of the prior cases would work with it, the custom Atari Raspberry Pi case comes with everything you need to get going on your retro gaming venture.

Not only does it come with the case, screwdriver, fan, and heatsinks, but it comes with a full wireless controller. It isn’t a joystick. Though, it does have a black and red color scheme that matches the classic Atari controller.

While a bit more on the pricier side of the list at $54.99, this case does come with everything you need to get going. Just add your Raspberry P 4i and it’s got a lot with it.

If you like retro games, you may also be into fighting games. While newer controllers are fine to play FGC titles with, you may be looking for a fight stick. We got you covered on our top picks here. We also recently gave some of our thoughts about the various options of adaptive controllers for disabled folks as well.

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