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Diablo IV - How Does PvP Work?

There's nothing quite as thrilling as PvP combat in Diablo IV, but to succeed, you'll need to know how it works.

Garrett Ettinger

Jun 13, 2023

While most players' time in Diablo IV will probably be spent slaying demons and taking on dungeon bosses in PvE, there is a fun PvP element once you get to around level 50. However, player-versus-player combat in Diablo IV isn't the same as it's been in previous titles, so it's understandable if it's a bit confusing. Luckily, I've spent the last few days getting stomped by high-tier players to explain the ins and outs of the PvP system in Diablo IV.


To access Diablo IV PvP, players must complete the story campaign and unlock the Tree of Whispers. From here, they can enter one of two designated PvP zones called the Fields of Hatred, located in southern Kehjistan and the Dry Steppes. Both these zones will be highlighted in pink on the map and have Waypoints.


To engage in Diablo IV PvP, select the Mark for Blood emote to "flag" your character with the Bloodmark while in the Fields of Hatred. Once flagged, a red aura will surround you, and you can attack and take damage from other player-controlled characters within the Fields of Hatred. If the emote is not on the wheel, select the Customize option to add it.

Players that use the emote Mark for Blood can attack both unmarked and marked players while in the Fields of Hatred zone. Unmarked players can't attack other unmarked characters but can attack marked players. To remove the Mark for Blood, travel back to town and interact with the Altar of Cleansing.


If you kill other players, the Hatred's Chosen PvP Event will be initiated. Continue killing other player-controlled characters to fill the gauge to 100/100, and you will earn the Hatred's Chosen buff for five minutes, which will give you a chance to earn Seeds of Hatred for every hit you land. Once the event is over, all your Seeds of Hatred will automatically be cleansed.


How Seeds of Hatred Work in Diablo IV


Seeds of Hatred are the PvP currency that drops from mobs and players in the Fields of Hatred. Players can transform Seeds of Hatred into Red Dust, which can be used to buy items in the towns of Denshar and Alzuuda. When players die, they drop their Seeds of Hatred which other players can pick up. Boss mobs will also drop additional Seeds of Hatred.

To turn Seeds of Hatred to Red Dust, interact with an Altar of Extraction, which will be designated with an icon on your map. Once you start the cleansing ritual, an orange bar will start to fill up, and everyone in the zone will be notified, increasing the chances of getting into an engagement with another marked player.


The cleansing ritual will transform all the Seeds of Hatred in your inventory into Red Dust, which you can spend at special vendors in town. To figure out which vendors take Red Dust, look for the Red Dust icon next to the vendor icon on the map.

To be successful in Diablo IV PvP, you'll want to balance risk vs reward. Gaining as many Seeds of Hatred as you can before cleansing them at an altar is the most efficient but also the riskiest, as players are waiting for people to start the ritual in hopes of a huge Seeds of Hatred payday. Remain alert when cleansing the seeds, as you’re more likely to get attacked.


As the zone has a high mob density, plenty of events, and Whisper quests, it can also be a popular farming area for unmarked players. There are occurrences where there aren't many players Marked for Blood, in which case you can work with other people on your server to complete quests, gain XP, and earn Grim Favors.

Garrett Ettinger

Garrett Ettinger

Garrett is a writer and editor with over a decade of professional writing and editorial experience. For the past year, he has been the editor of Gamer Digest. He loves playing games in just about every genre and is a Master on the Starcraft 2 ranked ladder. You can find his musings on Twitter @GarroWrites.

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