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Grand Theft Auto VI trailer leaks, Rockstar Games officially drops it early

With less than 24 hours until it was set to drop originally, GTA6 is now out in the world early.

Image: Rockstar Games
Image: Rockstar Games

Fans of GTA will know that Grand Theft Auto VI is a long-awaited installment, but since the internet will internet, the newest trailer dropped earlier than anticipated. Earlier today, a leak of the trailer was posted less than 24 hours before Rockstar Games was set to unveil the trailer. The account associated with the leak has been suspended and Rockstar Games has made the newest trailer of Grand Theft Auto VI live in response on Youtube. The trailer confirms that we’ll have to wait until 2025 to get our hands on the game, but we’ve waited 10 years, so what’s one more?

Upon the first watch, we can see that there is a major first for this franchise: a female lead named Lucia. Fans will be excited to learn that we’re returning to Vice City for the first time in over twenty years.

As we watch a reel of crimes being committed and various shots of nightlife, it seems incredibly appropriate that we’re serenaded by Tom Petty singing “Love Is A Long Road.”

Grand Theft Auto V has been a long-running staple of live service games, with GTA Online. While nothing in the trailer alludes to this, it can be assumed that we will get plenty of online capabilities with this new installment. There’s even a possibility that mods will play a big part in the game, due to some recent acquisitions by Rockstar Games. We’re going to be posting a more in-depth coverage of the trailer from one of our writers who is a massive fan of the franchise. So, be on the lookout for that article soon! I’ll sign off by saying that as a native Floridian, if you look at these trailers and think, “that gator shouldn’t be there”, then surprise! Gators can and will exist anywhere they please, simply on the basis of spite.

You can find the trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI below or over on Youtube. Personally, I think the gators are a fun addition, and look forward to seeing how you can interact with them. Sound off in the comments and let us know what you’re looking forward to in the trailer!

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