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Diablo IV - How to Upgrade Your Potions

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Whether you’re playing through Diablo IV on the Adventurer or Veteran difficulty, at some point you’re going to need to heal yourself. You begin the game with the capacity to carry four potions, and these potent potables act as your primary source of healing. When you’re starting out, you’ll likely notice that using a potion will actually heal a large chunk of your health. However, as your character continues to level up those potions won’t be as effective for long. Thankfully, there’s a way to make your potions even more effective.

It’ll be a short while before you can upgrade your potions, but once your character hits level ten you’ll be able to upgrade by visiting an alchemist. They’re found within towns, and are marked on your map by a mortar and pestle symbol. When you get to level ten, the game will actually give you a priority quest to visit the alchemist in Kyovashad where you get your first potion upgrade for free! Woohoo!

This freebie upgrade will transform your Weak Healing Potion into a Tiny Healing Potion. The name doesn’t sound like much of an improvement, but it’ll definitely help! Upgrading your potion’s potency even further will require you to hit new level requirements and bring certain materials to an alchemist. The next level up, for example, will allow you to upgrade to a Minor Healing Potion when you’ve hit level 20 and presented an alchemist with 15 Gallowvines and 5 Biteberries. Having to wait until you’ve leveled up even more may sound like a pain, but that time you spend exploring will improve your odds of finding the stuff you need for that next upgrade. You can also see the material requirements for each level in advance which should help in creating exploration shopping lists.

Of course, this is everything you have to do if you’re solely focused on upgrading the efficiency of your potions. There is a way to increase the number of potions you can carry, but it’s not related to your character level or any gatherable items. Instead, you’ll have to earn what’s known as Renown.

Renown is earned by finding Alters of Lilith, completing both main and side quests, clearing out dungeons, and basically playing Diablo IV. You can view your Renown progress by opening and looking at the top of your map, but a more detailed rundown of your Renown and the rewards it will nab you can be seen when clicking the “View Rewards” button at the top of your map.

In this “Region Progress” window, you’ll be able to see everything for the game’s five regions and what you’ve done within them. You’ll also be able to see how close you are to increasing your potion capacity. Each of the aforementioned five regions will give you a single increase to your potion usage meaning you can have a grand total of nine. Successfully acquire all of those additional potions and upgrade them to be Superior Healing Potions, and I’d say you’re ready to take on some of the biggest challenges Diablo IV has to offer!

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