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Diablo IV - How to Get a Mount

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Shortly after you begin your adventure in Diablo IV, you’ll enter the opening city of Kyovashad with Lothar. The two of you will be chatting near a Stable Master where you can view the horses on offer, but, tragically, you won’t be able to buy one for quite some time. In fact, you won’t be able to acquire a Mount until you’ve completed all of the main quests for the first three acts of the game. That is a long time. So if you really want that horse, you’ll have to burn through those main quests first.

Once you have completed Act III, however, you’ll be so close to receiving your trusty steed. There’s just one quest left for you to complete, but don’t worry! It’s super easy. Following Act III’s ending, Lorath will send you back to Kyovashad to find a character that you met during Act II named Donan. Simply fast travel to the city, and head north toward the Cathedral of Light.

You really can’t miss good, old Donan, as he’ll be cursing under his breath and standing in the middle of the Cathedral’s main aisle right after you enter. Speak with Donan and he’ll not only advance your next main quest, but he’ll give you a new priority quest that will get you a horse. This quest involves nothing more than talking to the Stable Master of Kyovashad in exchange for a free horse thanks to Donan’s connections. Yes, free! Donan’s a great guy!

After talking with the Stable Master, you’ll finally have a horse that you can summon at will with the press of a button, and this will also unlock Mounts for all of your characters. Mounts can be ridden through towns and all over the open world which means you won’t have to do any lengthy trekking on foot anymore! Should you dismount from your steed, there is a ten second cooldown before you can hop back on, so keep that in mind in case you need to make a hasty escape from some powerful enemies.

If you’re wondering what options there are for customizing your new Mount, they’re hard to come by, unfortunately. The horse you receive for free is the pleasant Old Nell Steed, and you can purchase two different breeds from the Stable Master, but even further horse breeds are found as random item drops throughout the world. Confusingly, these cosmetic drops for your Mount aren’t colored as eye-catchingly as legendary loot so you’ll want to keep an eye out for any items that drop from chests or enemies that have the word “Mount” in them.

Armor and trophy cosmetics for your Mount are dropped within the world in a similar way, but if all of that is taking too long for you there is, of course, the option to spend real money in the game’s shop for a Mount and cosmetics of your liking. It’s important to note that no Mount, Mount Armor, or Mount Trophy serves any purpose beyond cosmetics.

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