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Blizzcon 2023 was minimal, but had some notable announcements

While there wasn’t a lot to Blizzard’s first physical outing in four years, at least there were some good game expansions.

Image: Blizzcon 2023 / Activision Blizzard
Image: Blizzcon 2023 / Activision Blizzard

Blizzcon 2023 took place over the past weekend in Anaheim, and while it felt more simplistic and muted compared to the old physical Blizzcons, Blizzard did drop some good news for fans of Warcraft and Diablo IV. So many expansions.

Diablo IV hit the market earlier this year and has done really well for itself. Considering this was the first numbered Diablo game since 2009, Lilith waits for no one.

During Blizzcon 2023, the developers announced that Diablo IV is getting its first expansion in late 2024, Vessel of Hatred. While hinted as still being in his Soulstone since Diablo II, the Lord of Hatred, Mephisto, is the focus of this new expansion.

Serving as a direct continuation of Diablo IV, not only do you head to a different region, Nahantu (previously called Toraja, if you played Diablo II), you can get a new Class that is entirely new to the franchise, which is yet to be revealed.

If you haven’t grabbed it yet, we reviewed Diablo IV earlier this year. It’s good. It also comes in a few options, Standard, Deluxe, and Ultimate. Then, get yourself up to speed with our helpful guides.

While the more demonic-focused fanbase prepares for their future expansion, World of Warcraft went a little more above and beyond. OK, maybe a lot more beyond.

Blizzard announced three (yes, three) new upcoming expansions for the long-running MMORPG. In addition, they confirmed that Cataclysm is coming to WoW Classic.

As many expansions over the past two decades make earth-shattering changes to the way that players experience World of Warcraft, The War Within will do the same in 2024. Starting a trilogy of expansions called The Worldsoul Saga, The World Within is set to celebrate the past 20 years of WoW lore and storytelling.

The World Within brings players to a new place, deep beneath the surface. The titan-forged Earthen not only serve as a new race to encounter, but the expansion will also let you be one.

The additional expansions to the Saga will be called “Midnight” and “The Last Titan.World of Warcraft: Midnight and The Last Titan serve as direct sequels to The War Within, continuing the story where the first entry left off, bringing you back to the surface of the Old World.

Even with a ton of new WoW content, they just weren’t done. As mentioned, Blizzard also hinted at the next expansion for World of Warcraft Classic, Cataclysm. It was expected, as it’s the next one on the historical list to do, but having confirmation is always a good thing.

While there were some other hints and announcements during Blizzcon 2023, such as the 39th hero Mauga coming to Overwatch 2, these bubbled up to the top the most. If you do want to get in on that free-to-play Overwatch 2 action, grab yourself some coins to use.

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