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Baldur’s Gate 3 is literally getting better as I type this headline

Larian Studios drops hotfixes, promises over 1000 fixes and tweaks in the first patch.

Image: Larian Studios / WotC
Image: Larian Studios / WotC

It’s no surprise that Baldur’s Gate 3 is getting a ton of attention lately. The game is fantastic. It even got the honor of one of our sacred 10s here at GameCrate.

But, Larian Studios isn’t happy with just success, fame, and glory. They want to make the game even better, somehow.

They have already dropped three hotfixes to squash bugs, crashes, and blockers. This has amounted to hundreds of fixes as it is.

Swen Vincke, CEO and founder of Larian Studios, took to Twitter/X to talk about the upcoming first official patch. Even though they dropped a ton of hotfixes, the first patch for a game is generally something special to a development studio. For Baldur’s Gate 3, the first patch is all about fixes and tweaks to make an already nearly perfect game even perfect-er.

Vincke casually brought up a loose roadmap for Baldur’s Gate 3. Right this moment, they have a hotfix coming (likely for immediate problems to be solved). Then, they have patch 1, then patch 2.

He notes that Patch 1 will have over “1000 fixes and tweaks”. Patch 2 is looking to incorporate some requests, likely some quality-of-life enhancements.

It was recently mentioned in a recent Post/Tweet from Larian Studios Director of Publishing Michael Douse that they’re working on a way for players to change their look mid-game. Or, as he put it, “Things are being cooked”.

It’s also a great time to mention that the PlayStation 5 version of the game isn’t even out yet. On September 6th, when the game hits PS5, players will also benefit from all of the hotfixes, patches, and upgrades that Larian has included by then.

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