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And it’s gone: Limited Edition Analogue Pocket Glow in the Dark releases

The new Analogue Pocket sold out before we could finish writing this headline.

Image: Analogue Pocket Glow in the Dark edition
Image: Analogue Pocket Glow in the Dark edition

The Analogue Pocket is what happens when classic, retro handheld consoles get a modern facelift. The new glow-in-the-dark limited edition version came out and sold out within moments.

But, what is an Analogue Pocket? Imagine if your Game Boy could not only play Game Boy games but also play any classic handheld game easily. What if you could play them in high resolution on the go, but also dock them to your TV like a Nintendo Switch?

The systems boast Gorilla Glass screens, really high resolution, and the ability to connect to a PC to make chiptune music or design games on GB Studio. The basic versions of the console generally cost $219.99, when they’re in stock.

Image: Analogue Pocket Glow in the Dark edition
Image: Analogue Pocket Glow in the Dark edition

The first Analogue Pocket came out back in 2021. It usually comes in a sleek black or white color and design. But, today’s release was a beautifully epic green glow-in-the-dark flavor that would make any 90s kid feel nostalgic.

The limited edition console had a limit of two units per purchase at $249.99. As the other options generally only cost $30 less in comparison, this special glowy version was highly sought after.

But, within just a couple of moments, it was entirely sold out. The normal versions of the Analogue Pocket come in and out of stock semi-often. So, there’s a small chance that it could come back. But, don’t hold your breath too long as there was a very limited quantity.

If you don’t mind the solid colors, they’re also out of stock at the moment. But, you can click a link to have it notify you when they come back in stock next.

Image: Analogue Pocket White edition
Image: Analogue Pocket White edition

With Nintendo Switch Online offering games from classic consoles like Game Boy nowadays, there are much cheaper ways to play a game if you want. But, those are super limited to only what they release.

If you want access to the entire 2,780+ Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance library, the Analogue Pocket is right for you. They even offer adapters to let you play systems like the Sega Game Gear and the Atari Lynx. This makes the library even bigger.

The system is well worth the price and the wait if you’re looking for a classic-feeling handheld gaming system. If you got your hands on the Glow in the Dark version, it’s supposed to ship on September 5th.

If you’re looking for Nintendo’s flagship system, on the other hand, they just announced a shiny Mario Red edition OLED to coincide with Super Mario Wonder. But, it can’t play Atari Lynx games and isn’t designed with musicians and Game Boy game creators in mind. So, it's your call.

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