You're going to love Middle-earth: Shadow of War's photo mode

Photo modes have become popular inclusions to games over the past couple of years, and Middle-earth: Shadow of War's photo mode might be the best one yet. Go into the options menu and turn it on as soon as you start playing, and after that it's a snap to activate photo mode even in the midst of combat (which is often right when you'll want to use it). 

Photo mode freezes time and remove's the game's often crowded HUD, giving you a chance to really appreciate either the beauty of your surroundings or the violence being inflicted upon your enemies. You can even leave protagonist Talion completely behind and just explore the world around you as a free camera, taking photos of wildlife or scenery.

There's a collection of filters, adjustments, and frames you can add if you like, and as for the results? Well, you can check out some of our favorites below.

Once you get started with photo mode, it becomes as much a part of the fun of Shadow of War as orc killing. 

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Zoom out

 Zoom in

Freeze the action

Capture memorable moments

Filters and tints

Color shifting


Photo mode is extremely good and fun