You can now use other people’s decks in Hearthstone

In the final Witchwood card reveal stream today, Ben Brode, lead designer for Hearthstone, unveiled a brand new option for friendly matches. You can now choose to “borrow” your friend’s decks when you play against them. This will allow you to play with their decks and card pool instead of your own.

Brode said that this would be a good option for people who have just started to get into Hearthstone. Newbies tend to feel outmatched when they play against friends with massive collections. This way they can get a taste of what playing with fleshed out decks is like. Additionally, this would make it easier for new players to complete quests as they can use powerful decks in classes that they don’t have a lot of cards for.

This isn’t the only quality of life improvement coming to Hearthstone when The Witchwood drops this Thursday. Most of Hearthstone’s quests are going to be revamped to reward more gold while requiring fewer cards to be played or games to be won.

In addition, a brand new single-player mode called Monster Hunt will be integrated into the game. Monster Hunt will play a lot like Dungeon Run, except players will use unique classes with new hero powers not found in the base game.

The Witchwood will release April 12 adding 135 new cards to the game’s standard format. Three expansion, Whispers of the Old Gods, One Night in Karazhan, and The Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, will be rotating out of standard on the same day. Be sure to check back for our card reviews and crafting guide for this new expansion.