WoW: Classic name reservation opens, plus some of the best names so far

World of Warcraft: Classic is nearly at our doorsteps, as its slated for a release later this month. And today, players were welcomed into the game client for the first time to choose their server, create their characters, and reserve their character names.

Obviously, no one is allowed to actually play the game yet, but WoW: Classic is built entirely on the back of nostalgia. For many people eager to jump back into the lands of Azeroth, which are now older than some high school students, the name they choose in Classic will be the same name they chose the very first time they booted the game up in 2004. It's a name that holds significant sentimental value to many players. In some cases, this may have been the first time someone's online persona was created.

If you now go by "XxSniperKillerxX," chances are you started out on an Xbox playing Call of Duty. But if your name is something like "Myffinderil" or something that sounds like an Elven city in a Tolkien novel, there's a non-zero chance your online experience began with a character in World of Warcraft in the early 2000s.

That being said, this is a big deal to many folks. And frankly, we don't blame them. Gaming has opened the door to communities, friendships, romance, and even enemies. Something as simple as a name can be the only reminder or connection you have to all of those memories. It's an abstract thing, sure, but it's also heavy and meaningful.

And then there's these people. Here are some of our favorite Classic-reserved names so far.

Meow/Meows the Tauren by @joewadepaulson

Bonerbucket the Warrior by @NoDadYouShutUp

Elonmusk and Minecraft by @Godpixel2

Kesha by @TrodanLoL (Unfortunately not actual Kesha)