Who should play Nathan Drake in the upcoming Uncharted movie?

Mark Wahlberg had been attached to the currently in-development Uncharted film for a while now, but that changed this week. The actor made mention in an interview that he’s no longer connected to the film and won't be taking the role of its protagonist, Nathan Drake.

So with Marky Mark outside of the picture, who should take the reins of this generation’s Indiana Jones? We've been arguing about it in the office basically all day, so now it's time for you to weigh in. Here are some of the potential candidates. 

Nolan North

Who: The voice actor who has been providing the voice for Nathan Drake since day one.

Pros: North basically is Nathan Drake – in a recording studio. He's had significant impact on the character through both his line delivery and improvisation. 

Cons: We know that North is a great voice actor, if not a legend at this point. His acting experience in front of a camera, however, has been limited to small parts on television. Would he be able to carry a lead role in a major motion picture? Would he even want to? Plus, Sony might want a younger, recognizable actor.

Nathan Fillion

Who: The actor known for his roles in Castle and the sci-fi/gamer fav Firefly.

Pros: Fillion is very familiar with the Uncharted material and even campaigned for the leading role back in 2010. Plus, he’s a good actor.

Cons: Although we don’t know what story the film will follow, we’re sure that it’ll be an origin story for the Nathan Drake character. Fillion may be a bit too old for a treasure hunter just getting started.

Chris Pratt

Who: Everyone loved him on Parks and Recreation, and even more in Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World.

Pros: He’s likable, incredibly popular, and has the acting chops to embody everything that Nathan Drake is.

Cons: With Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 coming, a Jurassic World sequel in production, and parts in the upcoming Avengers sequels, it's possible (though unlikely) we'll all get tired of Chris Pratt. 

Chris Evans

Who: He’s Captain America.

Pros: He’s built like a treasure hunter who can knock some heads, survive a shootout, and climb up the side of a mountain.

Cons: He might be a bit too much of clean cut pretty boy to embody the rugged, smart-aleck sensibilities of Nathan Drake. Then again, he wasn’t too bad of a Human Torch in the early Fantastic Four movies.

Colin Farrell

Who: You know who he is. You probably have a huge crush on him. 

Pros: He's a great, award-winning actor who’d be able to pull off Nathan Drake's harder edge. He has more experience shooting guns on screen than anyone else on this list. 

Cons: It’s always a little weird when Farrell plays American characters.

Jake Johnson

Who: The dude in the picture above on the left. He's on the show New Girl and he was in Jurassic World. 

Pros: He would basically follow the exact career trajectory as Chris Pratt, with Uncharted as a breakout action role after years of comedy. 

Cons: Not as big of a movie star as some of the other names on this list. 

Steve, formerly of Newegg TV

Who: Steve used to be a co-worker of ours under the Newegg umbrella on Newegg TV. These days you can see him streaming games on Twitch

Pros: Take Nathan Drake, then darken his hair by 50% and increase his knowledge of PC hardware by 3000%, and you basically have Steve. 

Cons: Possibly too big of a star for this role.

Help us decide, and sound off in the comments! Who should play Nathan Drake now that it won't be Mark Wahlberg?

Also, doesn't it seem like we all should have been more upset that it was going to be Mark Wahlberg in the first place?