What went down at Evo 2015

Evo 2015 has come and gone, with plenty of exciting gameplay highlights, new game announcements, and even Jamie Lee Curtis dressed as Vega! If you missed the action, no worries -- here are a few of the highlights and best matches from the tournament this weekend to get you caught up.

Ultra Street Fighter IV

The main game and closer of Evo was the most intense, with top players picking unusual characters and a controller malfunction almost deciding the victor.

One particular match between Street Fighter veteran Alex Valle and last year's runner-up Bonchan seemed stacked in Bonchan's favor the moment Valle picked Hugo. Despite everyone thinking that the notorious mid-boss character would win with his volley of Tiger Shots, Hugo negated them all with his clap and closed the space between them and used his high powered throws to win the match.

In the middle of the Grand Final match between Gamerbee and Momochi, the stick that the Momochi was using stopped working. This is a rare occurrence, but Evo rules state that when a controller breaks down in the middle of a match, the opponent has the right to take that round, which Gamerbee did, after having lost the first round. After everything was settled, Momochi's Evil Ryu clinched the victory in the last match of the tournament against Gamerbee's Adon.

For more on Gamerbee, make sure to read our full interview with him from April 2015

Evo 2015 will also be the last event in the Capcom Cup that uses the Xbox 360 version of Ultra Street Fighter IV, with the PS4 version taking over pending its release in Asia. While the PS4 version missed Evo, this makes Street Fighter essentially the counter to Nintendo's Smash Brothers series and Microsoft's Killer Instinct. With Street Fighter V and Ultra Street Fighter IV probably making it to Evo's lineup next year, Microsoft may be the only first party without two titles in the main line up next year if Smash Brothers Melee makes the cut again.

Killer Instinct

In its second year being featured at Evo, Killer Instinct is basically a brand new game with the expanded Season 2 roster, which doubled the size of the cast. While you wouldn't think that the later characters such as Cinder would show up too often in a professional setting, surprisingly they did. One match in the top 8 featured a very situational Cinder juggle combo from one of the game's few Japanese players.

It would be the Killer Instinct highlights that provided some of the most intense matches of the tournament, the best of which was from Sleep NS vs My God. The Kan-Ra vs Saberwulf's matchup looked like it was going in Saberwulf's favor both times, but somehow Sleep NS pulled off victories with just a silver of heath remaining. The match has to be seen to be believed, and I think I will try playing Kan-Ra again just to understand what went on.

Mortal Kombat X

After climbing out of the loser's bracket, Sonicfox made good use of Kitana, Erron Black, and even played one match as Sonya. Most of the matches were pretty close, coming down to the last bit of health at the very end, but Erron Black's Caltrops were put to good use, springing plenty of traps that players might not think about in the middle of a heated combo.

Other Highlights

  • In the Guilty Gear Xrd finals, Woshige forgot there was a round 3 and celebrated victory too early, giving Ogawa the victory. This instant karma fumble even made it to ESPN's SportsCenter.
  • Jamie Lee Curtis made an appearance in secret, as her son's graduation present. She dressed as Vega, and was in tow with husband Christopher Guest, dressed as Doctor Bosconovich, with Makoto and Dee Jay from Street Fighter finishing out the cosplay troupe.
  • Finally, it's worth noting that a lot of the players were newer to the scene, with more known players such as Justin Wong not playing in Sunday's finals. In addition to coming from the loser brackets (Ultra Street Fighter IV, Tekken 7, and MKX), the victors were younger (Killer Instinct) and even Evo first timers (Tekken 7).