What should we make of the Super Street Fighter V leak?

A recent reddit post has had the fighting game community simultaneously excited and skeptical. The post by Rikurikumore supposedly details something that fans have wanted to see for a long time: Super Street Fighter V.

The issue? It all kind of sounds fake.

The info provided in the leak isn’t dubious. To the contrary, the info sounds plausible. It’s just that the poster himself appears dubious. His account is very new, made explicitly for posting these leaks. He doesn’t have anywhere near the credibility of Ryce, the user who posted the leaked MVIC roster list.

Speaking of MVCI rosters, Riku posted his own character list for the upcoming VS title, and it doesn’t quite synch up with Ryce’s list, nor does it quite synch up with what we have seen so far. His excuse? He never said any of these characters would be launch characters. Sounds like backpedaling to us. He also ended his leak with the “believe me or not, I don’t care” gem, which almost always points toward fabricated information.

Yet, despite the dubious nature of his leaks, many members of the FGC have decided to err on the side of optimism. Why? Because Super Street Fighter V would mean good things for the Street Fighter community.

Street Fighter V had a rocky launch. Its feature set was slim and it had a pile of netcode issues. Despite a number of balance patches, the meta has gotten quite stale. Many old Street Fighter pros have called Street Fighter V a shallow experience compared to its predecessor Street Fighter IV, and most casual players have jumped ship to fighting games with a deeper single-player experience, like Injustice 2.

But rebranding Street Fighter V into a “new game” would get a lot of those casual players to give the game a second shot. It will also bring fighting game fans who haven’t yet bought Street Fighter V back into the Street Fighter community. If its features are good enough, it might even attract pros that have moved on to other fighting game titles.

This optimism, combined with the fact that some of Riku’s claims have been data mined out of the recent 2.5 patch, have led the FGC to give him the benefit of the doubt. So let’s do the same and look at what Super Street Fighter V will supposedly include.

What Is It?

Super Street Fighter V will supposedly be a downloadable update, and a free one at that. It will contain a number of new modes, as well as a balance update. It will also include a full U.I. update, an “expansion” of current mechanics, and additional critical art for every character on the roster. It will also include a new “season” of characters, though these characters will need to be purchased or unlocked as normal.

What New Modes?

The first new mode will be a classic Arcade Mode. Many fans have complained that Street Fighter V was the first Street Fighter game not to include this mode. While mostly ignored in the long run, the ability to fight a gauntlet of randomized opponents is a great way to kill time, blow off steam, perfect your skills, and grind fight money. It’s a small addition, but it will make a lot of people happy if it’s true.

The next new mode is Extra Battle. This mode would allow you to fight against characters that are exclusive to Story Mode, such as Decapre. This mode might also include “event” style matches with special rules and objectives. The existence of this mode was successfully data mined out of the latest patch by X-Kira. Although the details have not been confirmed, you can expect something called “extra battle” to be released in the future.

There will be a new PvE mode against the Illuminati. We have the least information about this mode. While it makes sense from a narrative standpoint, since Street Fighter V takes place between Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter III in the timeline, no details were given about how this mode would play. It may be some sort of online co-operative battle, allowing players to indirectly fight each other by earning points in vs. CPU matches.

A new online training mode will be implemented, allowing players to train against online opponents to their heart’s content. This, too, was data-mined by X-Kira.

Finally, we will see chapter 2 of the game’s Story Mode. Supposedly, the personal stories of all the latest DLC chapters are leading up to this new story, which will detail Shadoloo’s conflict with the Illuminati after Bison’s fall.

What New Characters?

According to the leak, we will be seeing six new characters for “Season 3,” aka Super Street Fighter V. These characters will be: Sagat, Sakura, Oro, C.Viper, Q, and Necro. Sagat, Sakura, and C.Viper are three characters that are often requested from the fanbase. Q, Necro, and Oro are the three remaining Street Fighter III characters that we didn’t see come back for Street Fighter IV or any other Capcom game.

Many of these characters can be easily ported over to the Street Fighter V engine. Most of them had some “power-up” mechanic that would fit well as a V-Skill. Sagat has his Angry Scar, Q has his defense up taunt, and C. Viper has her special move cancels. Oro fans have also said that his Tengu Stone super art would fit quite well as a V-Trigger ability.

There is an extra piece of info that both adds and detracts to the legitimacy of this claim. Back in May, Street Fighter veteran Alex Valle tweeted “If Capcom announced Sagat, Q, Sakura, Viper, Oro, and Necro for S3, y'all would not be able to contain yourselves.” Riku claims that this was a leak, corroborating his claim. However, there is no particular reason why Valle would have access to this info, and the fact that he hasn’t taken this tweet down makes it less likely to be a leak.

When Will It Come Out?

According to the leak, we will get the official reveal of Super Street Fighter V near the year’s end at the Capcom Cup. All owners of the original Street Fighter V will be able to download it for free, while people who haven’t bought Street Fighter V yet will likely be able to purchase a full price disk that includes the DLC characters from Seasons 1 and 2.

So what do you think? Is this leak legitimate? And would an update like this bring you back into Street Fighter V? Let us know in the comments.