Watch the Evo fighting game tournament on Twitch right now (Update: It's over!)

The eighteenth  installment of the Evolution Championship Series (Evo), the world’s largest and longest running fighting game tournament, is under way right now and concludes on Sunday, the 13th of July. Evo 2014 is completely sold out, with more than 8,000 registrants, but you can watch the event on Evo’s Twitch channel ( Evo 2014 competitors will go toe-to-toe in Ultra Street Fighter IV, Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3, Smash Bros. Melee, BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma, Killer Instinct, Injustice: Gods Among Us, King of Fighters XIII, and Tekken Tag 2.

The Evo tournament began in 1996 in a California arcade with only 64 competitors, but has since grown to be the largest live gaming competition in the world. Evo events have consistently held the records for largest Street Fighter tournaments, and this year should break the record for the largest Smash Bros. Melee competition as well, with an expected 970 participants.

“Fighting games were the first genre to really tap into the competitive nature of gamers,” said Tom Cannon, Co-Founder, Evo. “It has been a long journey, but based on Evo’s record-setting numbers from attendance to online viewership, we are finally seeing the fighting game industry gain the recognition it deserves.”

evo 2014 twitch

The Evo 2014 Twitch stream is free for all viewers and begins on July 11th at 9 AM PST. Viewers who wish to participate in the chat and use the special Evo 2014 emoticons can purchase an event ticket for $12.00. 100% of the proceeds from these ticket sales will go to a scholarship to New York University's Game Center.

“Last year, Evo set a number of viewership records for fighting games,” said Mike Ross, FGC Partnerships Lead, Twitch. “As the size and scope of this tournament continues to grow, it’s a perfect example of how competitive gaming in tandem with livestreaming continues to explode in terms of interest and delivering an exciting experience for viewers."

In addition to the competitor prize pools, Evo 2014 will feature the following prize bonuses:

  • Aksys is adding a $25,000 bonus for BlazBlue: ChronoPhantasma, plus an additional $5,000 for the top finishing American and entry to the Arc Revolution Cup 2014.
  • The Capcom ProTour is adding $10,000 to the Ultra Street Fighter IV competition. The winner of the event is guaranteed a spot in December's 16-man Capcom Cup invitational.
  • Razer is adding $10,000 to the Killer Instinct competition.

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