Watch Dogs Bad Blood DLC stars T-Bone, adds in co-op

Ubisoft has announced the latest piece of DLC for Watch Dogs, titled Bad Blood. This new DLC offering allows fans to play through an all new story campaign starring the eccentric hacker Raymond "T-Bone" Kenney whom players met during the game’s main campaign. The DLC also includes new side missions which can be played either solo or cooperatively with a friend.

The main draw of Bad Blood will be the new 10-mission story campaign that puts players into the shoes of T-Bone. This new story campaign is set after the events of the base campaign starring Aiden Pearce and has T-Bone infiltrating the evil Blume Corporation before getting drawn into a much larger plot. T-Bone will be able to utilize many of the same hacking abilities as Pearce but will also have access to his own unique weapons, outfits, perks, and equipment such as a remote control car (which T-Bone lovingly refers to as “Eugene”) that can double as both an infiltration device and a remote bomb.

In addition to T-Bone’s campaign, Bad Blood will also introduce new “Street Sweeper” missions that pit players against Chicago’s various criminal groups in both solo and co-op scenarios. The same public matchmaking that works for the game’s competitive multiplayer will apply to the co-op as well so even if you don’t have a dedicated friend to play with, you don’t have to undertake the Street Sweeper contracts alone. Ubisoft has also confirmed players will be able to engage in several of the game’s competitive multiplayer modes including hacking, tailing, and the CtOS app while playing as T-Bone.

The Bad Blood DLC for Watch Dogs will be available for free to anyone who purchased the game’s season pass. Season pass owners will also get early access to Bad Blood starting on September 23 (non-season pass-holders can grab it on September 30). A standalone price for Bad Blood hasn’t been confirmed yet. For more info on Bad Blood, check out the latest post over on Ubisoft’s UbiBlog. Check out the trailer below: