Warhammer: The End Times – Vermintide gets a hardcore free update

Developer Fatshark and publishing partner Games Workshop have announced a new free update for the long-running co-op hack-and-slash title Warhammer: The End Times – Vermintide called Arrogance Lost. However, only the most dedicated and skilled players will be able to fully reap the benefits of the update’s new features since it focuses entirely on cranking the difficulty meter up to max.

According to a press release from Fatshark, Arrogance Lost includes a full rebalancing of existing character traits and weapons along with a series of new hard-to-earn achievements (Fatshark lovingly refers to them as “unachivablements”) and a new map titled Trial of the Foolhardy. However, in order to access the Trial of the Foolhardy map, players must first solve a series of difficult in-game puzzles, proving yet again that the update is clearly intended for the best of the best.

Along with the Arrogance Lost update, Fatshark has also added in a series of alternate skins for all of Vermintide’s playable heroes. The alternate skins can be purchased for $1.99 apiece from Vermintide’s Steam page, and fans can also view the new skins via the below trailer.