UPDATE: Blizzard puts up a new Overwatch teaser site for new map

UPDATE: Blizzard has announced a new map for Overwatch called Horizon Lunar Colony. It's an assault map within the scientific base on the moon. Check out the preview here:

ORIGINAL STORY: A new teaser web page for Blizzard’s team-based shooter Overwatch may be hinting at some new upcoming content for the game.

The webpage, which you can view here, contains several in-universe references to the Horizon Lunar Colony, the moon base where the gorilla hero Winston was raised. It would seem that, at some point, another gorilla test subject named Hammond managed to escape, and Overwatch fans are already speculating whether Hammond may be the game’s next playable hero (or maybe even a new villain). Others have guessed that the Horizon Lunar Colony may be the site of a new in-game map, but for now Blizzard seems content with letting fans run amok with their theories and speculation.

Meanwhile, Overwatch’s one-year anniversary event is still going on, and Blizzard has acknowledged its awareness of how unhappy players are with how the game’s current Loot Box system operates.