Upcoming Hearthstone update will make ranked play easier to bear

Climbing the ranks in Hearthstone’s ranked mode can be a thrilling time for more dedicated players, but it can also be a frustrating and tedious affair as well since an unlucky series of losses can cause a high-ranked player to quickly lose several ranks, making the climb to the top even more arduous. Fortunately, Blizzard is preparing to implement a change which will make the climb just a little bit less of a drag.

When Hearthstone’s 7.1 update goes live, a new series of “rank floors” will be introduced, preventing players from dropping below certain rank thresholds. Currently, the only rank floor in the game is for rank 20 (there are 25 ranks in total and players can’t de-rank during the climb from 25 to 20, nor can they fall below 20 once they’ve reached it during a season). The update will introduce similar floors for ranks 15, 10, and 5, ensuring that players can’t fall below those ranks once reached during the climb to rank 1.

The 7.1 update will also introduce balance changes for two specific cards: the Shaman card Spirit Claws is having its mana cost increased from one to two, and the Small-Time Buccaneer minion card is having its health reduced from two to one. 

Blizzard expects update 7.1 will launch at some point near the end of February, though it couldn’t offer a more specific release date at this time.