Ubisoft unveils Rainbow Six Siege’s next DLC map

As part of its upcoming Operation White Noise content update, Rainbow Six Siege will be getting yet another brand new map, and we now know that map will be a sprawling South Korean skyscraper called Mok Myeok Tower.

Ubisoft revealed the Mok Myeok Tower map via this new post on the Rainbow Six Siege website, a post which contains this description of the map:

“Descend on Mok Myeok, a staggering communications and observation tower in Seoul, South Korea. The tower brushes the clouds and overlooks the entire cityscape, a marvel of futuristic construction. Inside, traditional Korean architecture meets contemporary style: Tea rooms and lounges furnished in wood and homespun motifs, and bright and sleek modern offices.”

Along with the Mok Myeok Tower map, Operation White Noise will add two South Korean operators and a second Polish operator (following last season’s Ela) to Siege’s roster along with other additions and fixes. You can watch a video preview of the new map below.