Ubisoft joins forces with SpectreVision to shift their focus to VR

Announced in a post on their official site, Ubisoft has partnered with SpectreVision to begin creating dedicated VR content in the coming years.

Virtual Reality is a hot topic issue these days with every major gaming company shifting their focus in one form or another to creating VR content or to try and race to be the first to produce a seamless VR experience. So it's not surprising to see Ubisoft announcing that they plan to do the same. Especially after they showcased their first VR game Eagle Flight this last year as well as the 360 degree trailer for Assassin's Creed Syndicate's Jack the Ripper DLC.

What is surprising is that they chose this partnership with SpectreVision a film production company founded by Elijah Wood, Daniel Nosh, and Josh C. Waller. Not because it's a company that's rarely shown interest in the gaming hemisphere before, but because SpectreVision specializes in the horror movie genre.

This could mean that Ubisoft is looking to jump heavy not just into the world of VR but also into the world of horror games, a combination that's proved absolutely terrifying in the past. Especially considering Ubisoft's ability to create highly immersive experiences in games like Far Cry and Assassin's Creed, it's exciting and a little terrifying to see that they might be planning to put those skills to good use in a frightful setting.

SpectreVision is all set to begin working with Ubisoft's FunHouse Studio in Montreal so with any luck we'll see these two companies make some significant announcements in the coming year.

Patrick Plourde, Vice President of Ubisoft Montreal stated, “Their expertise in the horror film genre is exciting for us,” and, “We’re looking forward to a collaboration that will ultimately offer fans an unforgettable virtual reality experience.”