Two Dota 2 teams forced to forfeit one qualifier because they were playing another

There’s no clearer sign of just how big the competitive Dota 2 scene has become than the fact that, over the past weekend, two professional teams had to eat a loss via disqualification for one qualifier event because they were busy competing in a different event at the time.

According to this tweet from the Dota 2 production hub Moonduck TV, it had to penalize two separate teams, HellRaisers and Mid or Feed, with no-show forfeit losses for its Captain’s Draft qualifiers event. The reason both teams couldn’t make their Captain’s Draft games was because they were busy playing matches in a separate qualifier event, the European Summit qualifiers. While the official Dota 2 Pro Circuit organization ensures that the LAN finals events never overlap with each other, no such regulation is in place for qualifier events, which sadly means situations like this can arise.

The situation is clearly something that nobody is happy about, especially not the teams and event organizers. As European Summit event organizer Beyond the Summit’s David Gorman recently explained, rescheduling events is just something that organizers have to sometimes deal with, but the lack of a central governing body for qualifier events also doesn’t make things any easier.

Under the current system, it’s the pro teams who tend to suffer the most since they have to struggle to attend as many events as possible due to some event organizers being unable to reschedule or come up with other solutions.