Twitch to stream "Good Game" doc, followed by Q&A

If you're around Twitch TV on April 29 at 1 p.m. EST (or 10 a.m. PST) you'll be able to catch the live streaming broadcast of the e-sports documentary Good Game. The film follows the e-sports team Evil Geniuses as they compete in a StarCraft II tournament as the e-sports industry begins to rise in popularity. The film goes in-depth into the lives of e-sports athletes, their upbringing, and their competitive spirit, along with the growth of the industry and how the athletes are making money.

Following the Twitch broadcast, the film's director Mary Ratliff along with members of the cast will be hosting a live chat Q&A. Everything will be going down on Devolver's Twitch channel. If you miss the broadcast, you can purchase the film at Devolver's website.

Here's the official synopsis of Good Game:

For a select group of young men, video gaming isn’t just a hobby - it’s a job.  To be a professional gamer, you need a competitive drive, tactical skill, and creativity.  With increasingly larger prizes and six figure player salaries, esports is on the rise as a career.  Good Game follows a new kind of athlete, the Starcraft 2 division of team Evil Geniuses, as they compete around the world to take the top prizes in the biggest tournaments.  But between injuries, exhaustion, and egos, those who start at the top might not stay there for long.  New superstars are waiting to take the spotlight, and wanting to succeed sometimes just isn’t enough.

And you can check out the trailer here: