Total War: Three Kingdoms is coming in late 2018

Creative Assembly has taken its Total War strategy series to the heart of the Roman Empire, into the disciplined majesty of Feudal Japan, and even on a rollicking ride into the realm of fantasy thanks to its previous collaboration with Games Workshop’s Warhammer series, and now the studio is setting its sights on yet another theater of historic warfare: the romance of the Three Kingdoms.

The epic Chinese saga of military conquest will be told through Creative Assembly’s newly revealed Total War: Three Kingdoms, a game which will be set in the year 190 CE amidst the turmoil surrounding the Han Dynasty. Three mighty heroes will seek to unite China by either protecting or possibly betraying the empire’s newly crowned child emperor, an emperor who is being secretly manipulated by a tyrant warlord named Dong Zhuo.

Judging from Creative Assembly’s official description and the above reveal trailer, it sounds like players will be able to either preserve or even alter the course of history as they utilize Total War’s highly refined strategy gameplay. Total War: Three Kingdoms doesn’t yet have a specific release date but it should arrive at some point in the autumn, 2018 season.