Top five horror games of 2019 to play on Halloween Night

Halloween is fast approaching, and most folks have annual traditions or rituals they keep on the spookiest night of the year. Some people might do an all-night horror movie marathon. Others, regardless of age, will likely eat their weight in candy — I know I do. Others still enjoy turning off all the lights and playing a good horror game. With so many solid horror titles available, what should you play, though?

This year alone we've already gotten a few standout titles. Here are five of the best horror games of 2019, any one of which would make a great option to play on Halloween night!

Resident Evil 2 (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Resident Evil 2 may technically be a remake, but it's not without some major enhancements and updates. This isn't a shot-for-shot remake like that horrid version of Psycho with Vince Vaughn, either, nor is it simply an HD remaster of the original game. No, Resident Evil 2 manages to reimagine the 1998 original in 2019 from the ground up quite successfully, and it does so by refining the series' rough edges while staying true to the survival-horror elements that put Resident Evil on the map so long ago.

By combining solid gameplay mechanics with high-tension horror, Resident Evil 2 is able to create a truly terrifying experience that's as fun to play as it is scary.

Worse Than Death (PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Mobile)

One of the more recent entries on this list is also a really awesome thrill ride through a sleepy Stephen King-esque town. Worse Than Death is independent developer Benjamin Rivers' third offering following Home and Alone With You, and it's easily his best game thus far. The game blends Stranger Things tones with Hitchcock-styled dread to create a captivating horror mystery that's fun to watch unravel.

Worse Than Death successfully juggles storytelling, puzzle-solving, and stealth gameplay. The bulk of what you do in the game is search creepy abandoned areas for clues and key items, but when you encounter the game's monsters, it can get quite intense. The scarier parts may remind you of Lone Survivor, a 2013 indie survival-horror game that's great in its own right. That said, the focus on narrative in Worse Than Death ensures that you're engaged from start to finish in what is a largely satisfying horror experience.

Moons of Madness (PC version out now, PS4 and Xbox One versions coming in 2020)

Moons of Madness is one of the more interesting horror games to come along in some time due to its deliberately paced nature. Though there are a few jump scares in the game, its approach to horror is more about building tension and creating atmosphere than it is about blatantly scaring you. Being stuck in space is probably a lonely feeling, but when that isolation is coupled with a larger-than-life cosmic terror, it creates a truly uncomfortable and otherworldly experience.

While Moons of Madness may not be the scariest game to come out in recent memory, it does a really good job of making you feel uneasy for long stretches as you explore abandoned space stations. And that feeling of dread caused by the unknown makes for a wholly suspenseful and often thrilling experience.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan is the first chapter in what's planned to be a series of horror stories. It's nowhere near perfect, but it's a pretty solid start and a nice introduction to this horror anthology. Man of Medan follows a group of friends as they explore a ghost ship. The story isn't exactly captivating, but it sets the scene for some fun supernatural happenings.

This first entry in The Dark Pictures Anthology borrows a lot from its predecessor, Until Dawn — both good and bad — but it introduces co-op play that really makes this game worth experiencing with friends. Co-op is really the ideal way to play, so either hop online or round up some pals to play locally.

Layers of Fear 2 (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

The original Layers of Fear is considered by many to be an underrated horror gem. Like a horror movie, it's quickly cementing cult status, with fans singing its praises and raving about the overall atmosphere and scares. Layers of Fear 2 may be going down that same path as it's received a mixed reception of its own, with some players liking it considerably more than others. Ultimately, the game is a good attempt at switching things up while staying true to the formula set forth by the first game.

Layers of Fear 2 isn't for every single horror game fan out there, but it has plenty supernatural imagery and frights, and its overall mood is quite chilling. It does enough things right to keep you on the edge of your seat, and it's straight-up scary at times.

Honorable Mention: Blair Witch (Xbox One, PC)

Blair Witch is kind of a mixed bag, but it definitely has its moments. Also, it should at least be mentioned in passing considering it's based on a horror movie franchise. That said, there are plenty of solid moments to be experienced while playing Blair Witch. At times the game dips in fun factor on account of its not-so-great map layout, but it's true to the spirit of the movies.