Terry Crews could be voicing Overwatch’s Doomfist character

If you looked over the very limited amount of references to Overwatch’s Doomfist character and thought “man, Terry Crews would be perfect for that role,” first off that’s a weirdly specific casting choice to have based off of such limited info, and second it looks like your wish may eventually come true.

Crews, the action/comedy actor best known for his roles in TV shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine and movies like The Expendables, recently paid a visit to Blizzard’s studio and tweeted out a simple question to Overwatch fans everywhere:

“Who wants to hear me voice Doomfist for real??”

Don’t worry if you’re now scratching your head and asking who the heck Doomfist is since he actually hasn’t been referenced that much within the context of Overwatch lore. Doomfist is technically not even a single person but is instead the title bestowed upon whoever happens to be wielding the titular Doomfist Gauntlet (the gauntlet appeared in the very first Overwatch debut trailer and also popped up more recently in Sombra’s reveal trailer). There have been three different Doomfist heroes so far according to Overwatch lore, and Blizzard has long hinted that there could be another Doomfist out there who will eventually join the game as a playable character. If such an event does come to pass, it looks like the playable version of Doomfist will be sporting the vocal pipes of Terry Crews himself.