Fallout 4

Target, Jones Soda and Bethesda team up to deliver real Nuka Cola

Ever wish you could buy a real six-pack of Nuka Cola, like the stuff that's featured in the upcoming Fallout 4? Well, now you can.

In conjunction with Target and Jones Soda, Bethesda has announced that Nuka Cola Quantum will be available to purchase. Yes, it's drinkable, and it's very, very Fallout oriented, with a nice blue color. The product will be available to purchase starting November 10th – the same day the game releases – exclusively at Target retailers.

Bethesda has been on a liquid kick as of late, as it previously announced a special Fallout beer being produced by the Carlsberg brewery in Europe. Sadly, that won't be making it to our shores. At least, not yet.

This tweet has all the details, as well as the first teaser image of the product. Let's drink up!