Street Fighter V story mode and item price changes incoming

Capcom has revealed some new details regarding Street Fighter V’s upcoming free story mode update, as well as some key changes to how in-game currency works.

The entire story campaign will take about three to four hours to complete, and it will feature a rather atypical narrative in which the game’s roster of heroic World Warriors (Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, etc.) goes up against M. Bison and his evil Shadaloo organization. One interesting tidbit to note about the story campaign is that it will also allow players to briefly play as all of Street Fighter V’s DLC characters, including currently unreleased additions Balrog, Juri, and Urien, allowing players to try out the characters before they buy them. The story campaign will have two difficulty levels, normal and “extra.” Beating the campaign on normal will award 30,000 fight money (Street Fighter V’s in-game currency), while prevailing in extra mode will award an additional 50,000 fight money.

And speaking of in-game currency, Capcom is doing away with Street Fighter V’s premium “Zenny” currency. Instead, players who want to spend real cash on Street Fighter V DLC items will be able to do so directly through either Steam or the PlayStation Store. Capcom is also retooling the prices for certain DLC items, with new characters being offered for either 100,000 fight money or $5.99 per character, new stages costing 70,000 fight money/$3.99 per stage, and alternate stage variations/story mode costumes costing 40,000 fight money/$1.99 per variation/costume. Premium costumes such as the bearded “Hot Ryu” won’t be available for fight money and will cost $3.99 each.