Street Fighter V: Ed frame-by-frame trailer breakdown and analysis

It’s official. After a metric ton of leaks, Ed has finally been announced as the latest Street Fighter V DLC character and his trailer has been unveiled. As always, the trailer was watched over and over again frame by frame to give you this detailed breakdown. Here’s a quick look at what Ed will play like.

A New Type of Input

Ed’s most unique trait is how you perform his special moves. In Street Fighter, characters are traditionally either a “charge” character or a “motion” character, or some combination of the two.

Charge characters execute special moves by holding down a direction for a short period of time and then hitting the opposite direction and an attack button. Think of Guile’s Sonic Booms and Flash Kicks, since he is the prototypical charge character.

Motion characters force you to do a short motion with the joystick, usually a quarter circle or dragon punch motion, in order to execute special moves. Once again, think of Ryu and his Hadoken, Shoryuken, and Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku, since he is the prototypical motion character.

In general, charge characters have “more powerful” special moves since they have to be set up in order to perform them. Motion characters, on the other hand, tend to be more flexible since their special moves can be performed at any time.

But Ed is neither a charge character nor a motion character. All of Ed’s moves use “unique” inputs from Street Fighter history. This means that his moves either involve holding a button and releasing it (similar to Balrog’s Turn Around Punch), rapidly pressing a button (similar to Chun-Li’s Lightning Legs), or pressing a combination of buttons at the same time (likely a diagonal, like Storm’s Lightning Attack from Marvel 2).

This makes his playstyle a bit of a wild card. He has elements of a charge character in him, with his “hold” moves, but unlike charge characters he will be able to move forward and put on pressure while he is charging. The rest of his moves come out immediately and take absolutely no execution to perform, making him a perfect fit for newbies.


Ed’s V-Skill comes in two varieties, a ground version and an anti-air version, and can be charged to two levels. The ground and anti-air versions don’t actually have different inputs, Ed just executes whichever one is appropriate based on whether the opponent is standing or jumping.

The low charge aerial version snags the opponent with tendrils of psycho energy and pulls Ed to them to perform a Terry Bogard-style punching dunk. The full charge version snags the opponent but instead of pulling Ed to them it pulls them to Ed, slamming them to the ground in a comboable state.

The low charge ground version pulls Ed to the opponent for a quick straight punch, closing the distance and putting him well inside comfortable foostie range. The high charge ground version once again tugs the opponent to Ed, but pops them into the air for a juggle. Once again, this produces combo opportunities. It’s also worth noting that this might be unblockable. In the trailer, we see Balrog crouching in what appears to be a defensive position. However, it goes by so quickly that even in a frame-by-frame analysis it’s hard to tell whether or not he is crouching or crouch-blocking. While by all appearances it seems to be unblockable, I’d wager that’s not the case since it would be incredibly broken to give a rushdown character like Ed a ranged grapple.


Ed’s V-Reversal is very simple. It’s not an attack, it’s just a quick side-step. It activates much quicker than most V-Reversals and puts you on the other side of the opponent. It appears to put you out of normal range, but not quite out of the range of his punch-style specials.


Ed’s V-Trigger creates a huge ball of psycho energy that slowly advances toward the opponent. It essentially gives him free pressure, forcing the opponent to block and letting him perform whatever mix-up he likes. It is cancelable from normal, as we see it execute after what appears to be a crouching heavy punch. It likely does very little damage, however, and will massively scale your combos. At this point, it is unclear whether Ed’s V-Trigger bar will have two or three stocks in it, but since Ed’s offense seems to revolve around it, I’d guess that it would be a two stock bar.


The first important thing to note is that Ed’s style is very reminiscent of Balrog’s. He primarily punches his opponents and nearly all of his special attacks use his fists. However, unlike Balrog, he is not above throwing in a kick or two. His punches all seem to be short but powerful and his kicks seem to be longer-ranged but slow. Early in the trailer we see him open up with a knee (likely his standing light kick) followed by a quick jab (likely his standing light punch) for a simple combo string. These two moves do cancel out of each other, so it’s likely some sort of target combo.

Next in the video we see Ed punch Balrog into the air before slamming him into the ground. On first appearance this looks like a special, but after considering the rest of his move-list, it’s more likely that this is his back throw. The throw does have quite a bit of range to it but also throws Balrog a bit further than most throws, making it a little harder to keep the pressure on. Luckily, Ed’s dash is so quick it shouldn’t be an issue.

The next normal we see is a jumping kick that crush counter’s the opponent. This is likely Ed’s standing heavy kick. It has a lot of range and might even make Ed airborne. This would allow it to dodge sweeps, while simultaneously opening opponents up for powerful punishes.

The next normal showcased is his jumping medium punch. It is a pretty simple air-to-air punch, reminiscent of Ryu’s. He throws a short uppercut and it prolongs a juggle combo against Balrog. You probably won’t see much of this in play outside of combos.

Next we see Ed’s jumping medium kick performed on M. Bison. This attack has a large hit-box that extends backward off Ed, making it useful for cross-ups. It’s also worth noting that Ed’s other leg isn’t tucked under him, but extended. This actually makes him land on the ground sooner than, say, Ryu would while executing a jumping medium kick, and makes cross-up combos easier to do.

After the jumping medium kick we see Ed perform a close range uppercut, likely his standing heavy punch, followed by a low reaching kick, likely his crouching medium kick. His heavy punch does not appear to be cancelable and doesn’t have a lot of range, making it primarily a combo tool. His crouching medium kick, however, has a ton of range and is cancelable, making it his go-to footsie normal.

We also see Ed’s crouching heavy punch, which acts as an immense launcher that sends the opponent soaring sky high. This move is very slow and doesn’t have a lot of range, so it will be hard to hit with. However, this will likely be the opener that gives Ed the most damage off of his juggle combos and it can even be used as a makeshift anti-air.

Later in the trailer we see Ed’s jumping heavy punch. This is an extremely vertical move, punching at a very steep angle downward. This makes it a good, if telegraphed, jump-in attack. It also causes a lot of hit-stun making it another good combo opener. We also see his crouching medium punch, which has comparable range to his crouching medium kick, but likely won’t be used as a footsie tool since the kick needs to be blocked low. Instead, this will likely be used as long-range combo filler.


The first special we see is a rapid punch, and is likely the move that is executed by mashing punch buttons. Unlike Lightning Legs, this punch doesn’t have a whole lot of range. However, it also doesn’t have a lot of knockback, making it a good choice for a combo filer or ender.

The next special we see is Ed’s rising kick. This likely has dp style invincibility, so I’d hazard a guess that it will be executed by holding down a kick button and releasing it. Ed follows up this kick with a punching dive, and it’s not yet clear whether or not the dive is required, or is a secondary follow-up to the original attack. I say this because we see Ed do a similar kick later in the trailer, and follow it up with an EX dive and uppercut, but the EX flash doesn’t kick in until after the kick has been executed.

We then see Ed’s dashing uppercut and dashing straight punch. Both of these moves force Ed to stand in place and charge them before he executes them. This is very unlike Balrog’s Turn Around Punch, which can be charged while moving. Thus, I think it is most likely that these will be the moves executed with diagonal button presses. We see EX versions of these moves, which actually worries me. If they are executed by diagonal button presses, than it might be very easy to mistakenly get a V-Skill, V-Trigger, or throw when trying to execute the EX version. The dashing uppercut is a launcher, which sets up juggle combos, and the dashing straight punch causes Ed to cross over the opponent and causes a crumple state if they are standing on the ground and a spin-out state if they are in the air. It’s possible that the EX versions of these moves have invincible frames or projectile invulnerability.

We also see EX versions of Ed’s Fireball Punch. Unlike his other special punches, this does not appear to require charge time, making me believe it will execute by holding and releasing any punch button. The normal Fireball Punch executes one punch but the EX version appears to execute a one-two combo.


His super is particularly unique in that it is one of the only supers in Street Fighter V that recaptures the opponent. Ed steps forward performing the trademark Dempsy Roll, and if any punch connects he continues into his full cinematic super followed by an uppercut. This was likely designed this way due to Ed’s largely juggle-based playstyle.


In general, Ed seems to play very similar to Balrog in that he is primarily focused on rushdown. However, unlike Balrog, he isn’t a “charge” character, so his movement is a bit freer and faster. This allows him to stay in the enemy’s face, using his V-Skill, V-Trigger, and special moves to keep the pressure on.

Also unlike Balrog, Ed’s combos are primarily juggle-based. This means that they will be short but very hard-hitting. Many of his special moves have lead-in time, which gives them limited usefulness in neutral game, but incredible usefulness mid-combo.

In general, aggression is going to be the name of Ed’s game. The further away he is from the opponent, the harder time he will have doing damage. Projectile characters will likely resort to spam just to keep him out. However, once inside footsie range Ed has a ton of tools to keep the opponent on block or in hit-stun. He has several moves that set up cross-up opportunities, several that cause stagger, several that lock the opponent down, and a V-Trigger that gives him free pressure.

The one thing that will make Ed difficult to pick up is the nature of his moves. While he has no motions or charge commands, he will have “hold” commands. This means he will have to fight much of the match while tying up one of his normals, which will take a bit of finger gymnastics to pull off. This alone might keep him off the higher parts of the tier list when a similar effect can be achieved with most motion characters. However, if you put in enough time to get used to Ed’s unique control scheme, he might just be a beast.

Ed will playable during the next CFN beta, May 11 through 14, and will release shortly after.

UPDATE: Capcom has unveiled an official move-list for Ed, so we now know exactly how to execute his moves. Psycho Spark, the first part of his fireball punch, is executed simply by holding forward and pressing medium punch. Pressing punch again will use the second punch, Psycho Shot. This will punish mashers extensively since it will cause them to waste meter

Psycho Knuckle, his straight dash punch, is executed simply by holding standing heavy punch. This makes me believe that what we saw in the trailer was his standing medium punch, not his standing heavy punch. You cannot perform an EX version of this move.

Psycho Upper, his dashing uppercut, is executed by pressing two punches. It can be charged for a harder hit, but always requires meter.

Psycho Flicker is his rapid punch and, as predicted, is executed by mashing punch.

Psycho Rising, his rising kick, is executed with two kick buttons. This makes it unlikely to have dragon punch invulnerability, especially since it will auto-correct.

Finally, the dive at the end of his Psycho Rising, aka, Psycho Splash, is in fact an extension, however it can only be executed in EX form, so it always takes meter.

Knowing this, Ed appears to be a very meter heavy character. His normal special moves absolutely require meter and most of his combos require these moves. It's likely we will rarely see his super in use.