Street Fighter V DLC predictions and wild guesses

Capcom's approach to Street Fighter V's roster and other DLC will be an interesting experiment, with all DLC able to be earned through gameplay and purchased through in-game currency. They've also promised that the game will only have to be purchased once, without the need for future "enhanced" version to get the full experience, though the vague wording leaves a lot of room for the same old shenanigans to occur. Here are a few things that you shouldn’t be surprised to see happen in the world of Street Fighter V.

There WILL be a Super Street Fighter V

...just not in the way it has traditionally existed.

While Capcom has said there won't be a Super Street Fighter V, expect the title to change in the same way that Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition had a "ver 2012" that tweaked balance and changed the title screen. We may even see an "Ultra" or some other extravagant title if Capcom supports the game as long as it did Street Fighter IV.

I would not be surprised if Street Fighter V became Super Street Fighter V within two years of release, along with a title screen change to make it official. Capcom is the king of rereleasing games and building hype for new content, and everyone gets nostalgic for Super Street Fighter anyway. Even Street Fighter x Tekken got a version change during its year or so of support.

You won't be getting the best value on content as an early adopter

...but the perk of being an early adopter is being an early adopter.

More so than with any other type of game, early buyers of fighting games like Street Fighter V should value the time they have with the game and not the number of characters they get with the main purchase. Dead or Alive and Killer Instinct are already on the market and show what can be done to draw in players to a F2P fighter, and Street Fighter V's DLC content might very well end up following a similar model. Expect a costume or even a low-selling character to become free for those who wait for deals as Capcom looks to boost the player base.

Street Fighter V is a game that will have a big retail push, so don't be surprised if the disk in-store gets more content added by default, along with a new cover to reflect the current revision. Or if Capcom truly wants there to be only one version of the disk, it might begin shipping with special DLC codes on slips of paper in the case to give late-adopters a boost without undermining the DLC pledges the company has made thus far. 

Characters may not all cost the same amount

...but only the niche ones will be expensive.

Street Fighter V could very well take another cue from Killer Instinct and copy their funding campaign for Shadow Jago, but on a bigger scale. This could be the first fighting game with DLC characters that vary in cost which could possibly justify it. Want someone from the First Street Fighter to come back? Would you buy the character if  it cost $20? This can be done because Capcom can simply make the character available to be obtained alternatively through an absurd amount of play time for free. Capcom has a lot of room to play around with the ability for character to be earned without using real money.

I would imagine the first few DLC characters will be easy to obtain for free through gameplay just because their release will be so close to the peak of online players and casual popularity. Capcom could even take a shortcut by making these first few add-on characters ones that should have been in the game in the first place (i.e. any popular Ultra Street Fighter IV characters that don't make the cut).

A good chunk of the DLC will appeal to the whales

...and don't question it.

Remember those roster swap costumes from Street Fighter x Tekken? Remember those weird animal cosplay costumes added last year? Expect Street Fighter V to continue adding those weird costumes, though probably not quite going into Dead or Alive territory.

But as with Dead or Alive, don't get upset if they don't appeal to you. Every piece of content doesn't have to be owned, unless you're one of the elusive "whales." Whales are customers of F2P games who make up a small percentage of the overall player population, but provide a majority of the revenue made off of in-game purchases. So those weird costumes that cost a lot of real money are subsidizing a lot of content people will get for "free." 

The announcement that Street Fighter V’s extra characters can be earned through gameplay is a double edged sword. Yes everyone can be earned for free, however if you’re the kind of player who doesn’t like unlocking characters you will be disappointed so just beware of what Capcom may do and jump in the fray at the right moment.