Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is coming early next year

Capcom has announced a new revamped version of Street Fighter V, called Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, which is set to arrive in January of next year.

A press release from Capcom outlined how exactly the Arcade Edition will improve upon the standard edition. Most notably, players will be able to enjoy a new Arcade Mode experience, an ‘Extra Battle’ mode that featured timed challenges, brand new V-Trigger moves, an in-game character gallery, a redesigned user interface, and access to all season one and season two DLC characters. Those who already own the standard version of Street Fighter V will receive all of the Arcade Edition updates for free, except for free access to the DLC characters of course (they’ll still need to purchase either the season-specific character pass or individual characters separately).

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition will launch on January 16, 2018, at a $39.99 price point. Much like the original Street Fighter V, it will be available on PC and PlayStation 4. You can watch a new reveal trailer for the upcoming re-release below.