Street Fighter V’s Urien gets his own trailer

Ahead of his release later this month, Capcom has published a new gameplay trailer for Urien, the sixth and final DLC fighter included in Street Fighter V’s first season of downloadable content.

According to this new Capcom Unity post, Urien’s Street Fighter V incarnation is just as sadistic and cruel as when he made his series debut back in Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact. Here’s Capcom’s official description of Urien:

“Urien is the Vice President of Illuminati and wants nothing but to take over Illuminati from his older brother, Gill, and destroy Shadaloo. Urien has complete confidence in his own physicality and this elitism shows itself through his sadistic and tyrannical tendencies. He gains joy only from dominating others and having them crumble in the face of his incredible power.”

Urien will also be featured in an upcoming DLC story campaign titled “A Shadow Falls” which will be free for all players. Both Urien and the “A Shadow Falls” story DLC will be available as part of the September update for Street Fighter V. Capcom has confirmed that it will reveal the release date for the September update next week during the Tokyo Games Show event.