Street Fighter V’s upcoming Arcade mode will have more than 200 different endings

Capcom has revealed some new details about the new Arcade Mode experience which will be coming to Street Fighter V early next year, including the fact that it will have more than 200 different endings for players to earn.

According to this recent blog post on the Capcom Unity website, Street Fighter V’s Arcade Mode will allow players to progress down six different “paths” which are themed around core games in the Street Fighter series (namely, Street Fighter, Street Fighter II, Street Fighter Alpha, Street Fighter III, Street Fighter IV, and Street Fighter V). Each path will have a set number of bouts against randomized opponents, and players will also be able to choose the number of rounds per fight and the overall difficulty level.

The conditions for unlocking each of the Arcade Mode’s many different endings can be viewed via the in-game Gallery, and naturally some are easier to unlock than others. Arcade Mode will be included in the Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition re-release which is set to arrive on January 16, 2018. Those who already own Street Fighter V will get the Arcade upgrades courtesy of a free update.