Street Fighter V’s third DLC character is Ibuki

The female ninja Ibuki, who made her initial Street Fighter debut in Street Fighter III, has been confirmed as Street Fighter V’s third DLC character, following previous DLC roster additions Alex and Guile.

Similar to her past appearances, Ibuki in Street Fighter V will be a highly mobile and technically complex character, using her fast-hitting ninjitsu skills along with projectile attacks such as kunai (throwing daggers) and bombs to keep her opponents guessing. Ibuki players will be able to choose how many kunai they throw at once (up to five), but they won’t be able to simply spam them indefinitely, since Ibuki will have to briefly pause to “restock” her kunai for every five that she throws.

As detailed in the latest Capcom Blog post, Ibuki will also be able to unleash a massive blast of energy using her V-Trigger attack Tenrai, and throw a bomb using her V-Skill Isshaku Horokudama, the fuse for which can be adjusted so that the bomb detonates immediately, after a short delay, or after a long delay. Finally, if Ibuki manages to land her Critical Art attack, she’ll launch her opponent up into the air before delivering a devastating energy blast straight to their head.

You can see Ibuki’s skills in action via the below reveal trailer. Capcom hasn’t confirmed a release date for Ibuki, but she’s expected to become available at some point in the next few weeks.