Street Fighter V’s next DLC character has been delayed

The third DLC addition in Street Fighter V’s second season of DLC fighters was supposed to arrive by the end of April, but a new update from Capcom has revealed that won’t actually be the case.

According to this recent blog post on the Capcom Unity website, Capcom has been busy revamping the in-game Capcom Fighter’s Network (or CFN) which drives Street Fighter V’s online multiplayer. An upcoming beta test for the revamped CFN is planned for the near future and every player can participate in the beta for free if they so desire. The third as-yet-revealed DLC fighter will be available in the test and Capcom plans to release both the revamped CFN and the new fighter simultaneously when it feels the CFN is in a solid enough state to warrant a public release.

The new CFN will include, among other things, harsher penalties for rage-quitters, improved matchmaking algorithms, and faster load times for both casual and ranked online matches.