Street Fighter V’s newest DLC character, Menat, is now available

As of today, Street Fighter V’s roster has officially grown by one thanks to the release of its latest DLC fighter: the enigmatic fortune teller Menat.

Menat, an entirely original fighter who first appeared as a side character in Ed’s story mode campaign, probably isn’t a terribly surprising inclusion for diehard SFV fans since she was mentioned by name in a leaked DLC character list that first surfaced back in May. As you can see in the trailer below, Menat’s fighting style involves heavy use of her floating crystal ball which she can use both in close-range combos and as a zoning projectile.

Those who own Street Fighter V’s season two character pass can download and play Menat for free, and she can also be purchased as a separate standalone fighter. Menat also comes with a series of 30th anniversary costumes for existing fighters.