Street Fighter V’s latest DLC character is guest fighter Abigail

During last weekend’s EVO 2017 fighting game tournament event, Capcom announced that the next DLC character addition for Street Fighter V will be Abigail, the hulking Mad Gear gang member who originally appeared in the Final Fight series.

Abigail is technically the second Final Fight character to appear in a Street Fighter title following fellow Mad Gear gang member Hugo’s appearance in Street Fighter III: Second Impact. As you can see in the below reveal trailer, Abigail’s physical proportions are almost ludicrous in their size (yes, he is wearing car tires as bicep bands), giving even bulky Street Fighter mainstays like Zangief and Balrog a run for their money. This will naturally make Abigail an easy target to hit, but given his devastating close-quarters fighting style, getting in close doesn’t look like it will be an ideal strategy when facing the monstrous bruiser.

When Abigail officially joins the Street Fighter V roster on July 25, he’ll be the fourth DLC character to be included in the game’s season two character pass, following previously released fighters Akuma, Ed, and Kolin. The pass grants access to six fighters in total so players have two more to look forward to after Abigail’s arrival.