Street Fighter V’s April update will add in Guile and rage quitting penalty system

Capcom has revealed the first concrete details for Street Fighter V’s April update, including the addition of the previously announced system which will punish rage quitters, and the game’s second DLC character: iconic Street Fighter contender Guile.

In a new blog post on the Capcom Unity website, the studio talked a bit about Guile’s history and the new special moves he will be gaining in Street Fighter V. When Guile is initially released, he will be free for all players to try out until the implementation of the game’s Zenny shop, much in the same way as last month’s DLC character Alex. Guile will also come with his own stage, the Air Force Base stage. Players who own the Street Fighter V season pass will get both the Air Force Base stage and Guile’s battle costume alternate outfit for free, those who don’t will be able to purchase the Air Force Base stage for 70,000 Fight Money.

In addition to Guile, the April update will implement a system which punishes players who frequently disconnect from online matches (a.k.a. rage quitters). Those who are found to be frequently disconnecting from in-progress online matches will be locked out of online matchmaking for a set period of time, and Capcom says future updates will improve the system with additional features and enhancements. General matchmaking improvements will also be included in the April update.